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ZoomBull is a fully-digitalized information-central platform that is transforming the investing and reading experience by putting our readers at heart and offering readers of every level all the financial information and news you may need on our cost-free, one-stop streaming platform. At ZoomBull, we believe that all readers should be empowered with efficient and enriching market insights and subscription-free access to substantial financial information and daily news.

We are committed to synergizing market data networks and channels by providing trusted, professional, and reliable news services. Our data sources are world-class media and publishers, including Investing.com, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Benzinga, Fox Business, CNBC, BBC News, Guardian, USA Today, CNN, Barron’s, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Associated Press, MarketWatch, Reuters, Sina, CCTV, and many more.

ZoomBull has included the stocks search and screener features to let you discover Stocks, ETFs, Forex, Mutual Funds, and filters; its unique open sources and visualizations that truly provide its visitors an all-in-one platform experience.

A resourceful and convenient one-stop hub that delivers the latest market trends, financial data, and daily news. Discover more every day at ZoomBull.

“Our mission is to provide centralized financial information and news for readers of all levels in an all-in-one platform that delivers the daily market insights you need for financial literature and personal finance.”
Sean Huang
Founder & President

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Information Central

Keep you informative to daily market activities and enhance your financial literacy

Unique Visualizations

Enhance your awareness with enlarger of images, texts, and multiple social media tools enable you for social-sharing

One-stop Accessibility

An all-in-one platform access for the latest insights without cross-multiple websites

Full Automatic Updates

Deliver you the latest and up-to-date news sources before, during, and after trading market hours

Free Access to News

Empower your literacy and information without spending a penny for a subscription

Innovation Solutions

Highly trusted and reliable open sources in empowering the latest market news via multiple data networks all at once









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