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If you are a first-time visitor/user, this might cause by the Cookie as we are using it to track users’ experience for our Site to improve our services. However, after you “Accept” the use of the Cookies moving forward for your repeat visits will be accelerated. Plus, the age of the device is another main factor that slows the page load but is not limited to memory and processor therefore, the latest use of the device is essential for any web browsing experience. Moreover, the internet speed or the internet provider that uploads and downloads the data is another factor that affects your page load time.

No. We are an open-source and publicly accessible informational platform. Unlike other websites – We do not teach nor do we offer investment advice, solicitation, or recommendation. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing in any financial instruments. Our Site is users friendly – you (“user” or “member”) are free to use our Site for educational and informational purposes; shall not rely upon any contents or materials provided. All rights reserved.

We do not have a mobile app or version of our Site at this time. Nearly all of our news, content, and tools can be used from your mobile device. Live charts such as Forex, Crypto, and Stock charts are set by system default, it’s only best suitable for desktop and regular screen display, unfortunately, it is not well-suited for small devices and/or smaller screens. Since March 2022, we have included the Stocks Search features that allow visitors to check and track thousands of listed companies and tickers. Please refer to the top first row in “How to add an “App” icon” to your device screen page. This is something we are considering and focusing on in the long run; we are not there yet at the moment – your continuing support is very important to us.

To search for stocks, symbols, or by names, feel free to visit the Search Stocks, Name…page for thousands of listed companies and tickers. Further, to look for additional financial instruments  – simply visit and/or click our Stock Live Quotes & Chart to search for your desired ticker located at the top left corner of the chart; look for live quotes, chart, daily gainers/losers, and much more.

This may result from either the list subscribe emails being limited due to our paid-for plan or we failed to manage the receiving data. However, you are always welcome to send us an email or through the contact form – we will respond in a timely fashion as by request it’s received.

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